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1. Check out the project


The heart of every sport is the fans.
We created crowdFANding to ensure that emotional fan projects do not fail due to a lack of financial resources. It is a platform especially for heart and soul projects in your fan community. Watch our current campagne video.



2. Become a crowdFANder


“One voice alone is silent – hundreds of voices are loud – and thousands of voices can’t be ignored!” As a crowdFANder you have the possibility to show your solidarity towards other fan scences and to make heart and soul projects visible. Become a part of our unique community and receive besides FANtastic rewards the opportunity to promote meaningful projects.


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3. Make projects come true


crowdFANding focusses only on one-running campain to maximise the success. The current campain does not envolve your club? No problem! Following the slogan “Divided by colours, but united in the cause!” you have the opportunity to make things happened. Maybe you already have an idea of how crowdFANding could work in your fan community?



Challenge us!


Are you an entrepreneur, keen on sports and emotionally connected to the region? Are you up for making a bet with us? Our Business Bets offer you as an entrepreneur a perfect opportunity to use the media coverage of our current campaign and also play an important role in helping to reach our campaign goals.


With regards to our Business Bets, there are no boundaries to your creativeness. Firstly for a bet, we agree on a fixed or variable amount with you. Depending on the goals reached, for example a specific funding sum, a certain number of supporters or by the project team successfully solving an agreed task the amount will be added to the campaign.


If you have any further questions or if we have aroused your interest in a creative bet, please feel free to leave us a message at info@crowdfanding.net.




Stefan Bell

Stefan Bell
Football player 1. FSV Mainz 05

“The fan house can be a really good meeting point for all 05ers and I like the idea of bringing everyone closer together. That is why I have accepted the privilege of acting as patron of the project.”


Nikolce Noveski

Nikolce Noveski
Honorary captain of 1. FSV Mainz 05

“In football you can only achieve great things together. You have to rely on each other. This is the case with the Fanhaus. When we work together, we make it. That’s why I support this project.”


Thomas Beckmann

Thomas Beckmann
Pedagogic director of Fanprojekt Maniz e. V.

“For years we worked in Mainz to build a fan house. Here, fan culture is coming home. Now this dream is close to touch. With crowdFANding, we finally make it a reality!”


Toni Schley

Toni Schley
Mitbegründer von crowdFANding

“It’s not possible – it’s too big, too much and too expensive. Up against a brick wall? Stop! “crowdFANding“ turns a problem into a task, doubts into challenges and the wishes of a few into a matter for thousands. Solidarity, passion and creativity can move mountains – crowdFANding helps to do it.”

René Eckardt

René Eckardt
Mannschaftskapitän FC Carl Zeiss Jena

“Many ideas/projects can’t be realised, because of a lack of financial resources. “crowdFANding” is a solidarity tool for sport fans and offers a great opportunity to change this. This platform offers the possibility to take part in projects and/or realise your own ideas.”

Maik von Heaven Shall Burn

Maik Weichert
Gitarrist Heaven Shall Burn

“As a band we try to motivate others to question authorities and to think out of the box. Within the crowdFANding project we quickly realised the great potential to change fixed power structures and also to bring fresh wind into the conservative football business in a constructive and productive way. “crowdFANding” gives fans and their projects the necessary volume, size and visibility, which is needed in the economically orientated professional business to become a force to be reckoned with!”


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